logo-irocku is a program of online piano lessons for anyone who wants to play like a rockstar. Beginners and experts. Children and adults.

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Chuck Leavelllogo-irockufounder and legendary keyboardist for The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and The Allman Brothers.
Recipient of 2012 Grammy Lifetime Achievement AwardGrammy Award


“I appreciate ‘s tips on starting with the groove charts. My synapses are screaming, but I’m trying to groove them into submission Thanks again!”

– Gary S.

“Chuck, Thank you for , its what I need! Stay in the groove !”

– Richard V.

“I’m learning “Honky Tonk Woman”. You guys have done a great job with this web site.”

– Tom S.


– Jay P.

“Totally stoked. The program is awesome!”

– Ted E.

“Well dadgum! I’ve dun an lernt somethin’ t’day and the sun ain’t yet up. Thanks. I’m making progress.”



– Stan C.

I’m having a blast with the lessons. I took piano lessons from age 8-13 but they were more like the “rather eat spinach” type. Now I’m 48 and starting to play in band and have been looking for good instruction to get rocking on keyboard. I’ve got a gig now in a band and needed to get up to speed fast! One of the songs I needed to learn was “Southbound”. Couldn’t find any good music for it…..UNTIL ! I’ve been working on the level 5 version and I’m having a BLAST! Gradually adding in some of the level 6-7 material as I get a handle on level 5. This is just what I needed to make that song rock with the band! I’ve also been working on “Sympathy for the Devil”. Again, it has the chops I need to make it rock! Love those mixolydian thirds in the improv section! I’ve adapted them for the verse sections as well (as well as into other tunes to spice them up!). is really helping me build up my chops for rock piano!

– Wayne G.

“ is the greatest thing since sliced bread for me. I’ve been working on all of the lessons for all of the songs that have been posted thus far. Keep on rockin’!”

– John A.

“All the songs you all are putting out are great! Thanks very much.”

– Brian P.

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