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HittinTheNote.com: Chuck Leavell: The Mother Nature Network

HittinTheNote.com: Chuck Leavell: The Mother Nature Network

Chuck Leavell is one of the most-talented keyboardists in rock and roll history, but the former Allman Brother and current Rolling Stone also is one of the leading tree farmers and environmentalists in the United States. Chuck’s latest project is the Mother Nature Network, and it’s clear that he puts as much energy and passion into caring for the land as he does when he plays music. To help promote awareness of Earth Day on April 22, please enjoy this insightful and informative conversation with Chuck Leavell of the Mother Nature Network.

How did you come to be involved with the Mother Nature Network?

Joel Babbit is a friend of mine from Atlanta who I have known for five or six years, and he has had a stellar career in advertising and public relations. Joel has represented companies like Dell Computer, AT&T and other biggies, he was largely responsible for all the publicity for the Atlanta Aquarium, and he worked for a year on the ’96 Olympics. Joel is a real team player, a very brilliant guy, and very civically involved. Joel called me and asked me to meet with him, and he said, “Listen – I’ve been doing some research, and think we may have an opportunity here.” I asked him what he had in mind, and he said, “I represent a lot of companies that want to get out to the public exactly what they are doing environmentally. They may be taking steps to save energy, or doing other things that are environmentally friendly, and they want the public to know. These clients come to me, asking where they need to be for exposure to get these messages out. It’s obvious that the internet is a place that people are going to more and more for all kinds of information. My clients have been asking where on the internet they can get exposure, and I’ve been researching, and I want to show you what I’ve found.” Joel showed me what he had found, and I was familiar with some of them, like www.treehugger.com, which has around for about ten years now. There also is www.grist.org, which is another fairly well-known environmental site. There are some others, but in my opinion, they weren’t that great, and the information they were putting forward we felt could be better.

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