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WELCOME to the official Chuck Leavell website! Chuck has been honored to play piano and keyboards with many fine musical artists in his career including The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, The Allman Brothers Band, The Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule, Train, John Mayer and many others. Chuck is an inductee in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and recently received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his work with the Allman Brothers Band. Chuck is also a solo artist in his own right. His latest CD just released is called "Back To The Woods: a tribute to the pioneers of blues piano". Chuck is also one of the most dedicated and revered conservationists in the world. His recent book, "Growing A Better America" has been revered by the environmental community as one of the best books on "smart growth" in recent years. This site will keep you up to date on all his current activities.

post-gazette.com: Rolling Stone’s keyboard player is champion of the environment

When the Rolling Stones come to Heinz Field on Saturday, [June 20] fans will focus on lead singer Mick Jagger. But the musicians will be watching keyboardist and musical director Chuck Leavell.

Mr. Leavell will be focused on the music, though his mind may occasionally wander to another place — the woods.
“Trees and parks are the most precious type of resource we have,” he said in a phone interview. “They clean our air, they clean our water and let’s not forget they’re natural, organic and renewable.” [...] Continue Reading…

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foxsportsradio.com – Steve Gorman Show featuring Chuck Leavell

Rolling Stones’ Upcoming Tour To Make Stop In Atlanta

The Rolling Stones kick off their new tour May 24.

On June 9, the legendary band will play at Bobby Dodd Stadium, their first appearance in Atlanta in six years.

Chuck Leavell has been playing keyboards with the band since 1982. Prior to that, Leavell was with the Allman Brothers.

When he’s not on tour, he and his wife, Rose Lane, can be found working on Charlane Plantation, their 2,900-acre tree farm in Macon, Georgia.

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Concert review: The Rolling Stones at Ohio Stadium

The Rolling Stones perform at Ohio Stadium on Saturday, May 30. Photo by Tim Johnson

Amidst a loose-limbed version of “Tumbling Dice,” Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger dropped a line that could have doubled as the band’s mantra for the evening, singing, “Always in a hurry/ I never stop to worry.”

For the bulk of the Stones’ 130-minute set at a packed Ohio Stadium on Saturday, Jagger & Co. held to these words, blasting through a steady parade of uptempo hits built on swaggering guitars and the swinging-yet-steady hand of drummer Charlie Watts, whose silver hair and erect posture suggested he’d look just as at home manning a desk at Sterling Cooper as backing the veteran English rockers.

Jagger, 71, still oozed an effortless charisma, and he repeatedly sashayed across the stage and down a long catwalk like James Brown auditioning for a role on “America’s Next Top Model” — a fashion-forward sensibility that carried over into his frequent wardrobe changes, which found the singer flitting through looks as though he were some kind of living paper doll, only skinnier. On a fiery “Sympathy for the Devil” he even donned a full-length feathered cape that gave him the appearance of a Jim Henson creation. [...] Continue Reading…

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Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones give a little ‘Satisfaction’ to 60,000 in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Mick Jagger, resplendent in a black shirt, sparkly royal blue jacket and black “trousers” that were more accurately leggings, had a few questions for the 60,000 or so Rolling Stones fans who packed the Horseshoe at The Ohio State University on Saturday night.

“Anybody here from Cleveland?”


“Anybody here from Dayton?”


Anybody here from Cin-cin-naaaaaa-ti?” (He had to draw that one out.)


“You’re welcome.”

Cheeky little bugger, isn’t he?

But the fact of the matter is that we WERE grateful that the Rolling Stones, who have been coming to Ohio since 1964, decided to make a return appearance to the Buckeye State. Even if it was a little – OK, a lot – further south than Cleveland would’ve preferred. [...] Continue Reading…

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Chuck Leavell Visits with Westchester Students at Woodlands Gardens

Patty Bonner with the Woodlands Gardens sends in this lovely report from Westchester’s weekly community circle at the Woodlands Gardens this morning, where Chuck Leavell performed a song and took questions from students. He plays a benefit for the Westchester PTA tonight at Eddie’s Attic.

Weekly community circle at Westchester School received a fresh energy jolt Thursday morning when Chuck Leavell injected a rocking keyboard version of of “Jumpin Jack Flash”. Amidst the May blooms at Woodlands Garden, Leavell, a former member of the Allman Brothers and current piano player for the Rolling Stones, performed, answered questions, and received a citation designating May 7, 2015 Chuck Leavell Day in Decatur.

In a Q & A session Leavell told the group of 300 that two of his most memorable concerts were played out of doors, one with the Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and The Band at Watkins Glen in New York, and the other before a crowd of 1.5 million on Copacabana Beach in Rio.

Leavell, whose grandchildren attend Westchester school, gives a sold out performance to benefit the Westchester PTA this evening at Eddie’s Attic. He is an award winning conservationist and tree farmer in middle Georgia. Noting the natural beauty surrounding him at Woodlands, the famous keyboardist referred to the book, Last Child in the Woods. He encouraged the children, educators and parents present to ensure that coming generations continue to have the chance enjoy the physical and emotional benefits from connecting with nature. [...] Continue Reading…

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ArtsAtl.com – Preview: Rolling Stones pianist Chuck Leavell plays Eddie’s Attic benefit for school arts program

When ArtsATL last checked in with Chuck Leavell, he was serving as the music director of last year’s all-star tribute to Gregg Allman at the Fox Theatre, in addition to helping put together a show with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall that celebrated Georgia music. And he was gearing up to leave for Asia for his primary musical gig — keyboardist and music director for the Rolling Stones.

Leavell — who was a member of the Allman Brothers Band and has toured and recorded with the likes of George Harrison, Eric Clapton and John Mayer — will perform a sold-out special solo show May 7 at Eddie’s Attic to raise money to fund arts programs at the Westchester Elementary School in Decatur, where his two grandsons go to school. From there, he’s off on another Rolling Stones tour that will come to Bobby Dodd Stadium on June 9.

Leavell lives in Dry Branch, Ga. (south of Macon) on a plantation that has 2,500 acres of forest, and he is one of America’s most famous tree farmers. He also co-founded the website Mother Nature Network. ArtsATL recently caught up with Leavell, who discusses his music, his upcoming performance at Eddie’s and his 34-year history with the Stones. [...] Continue Reading…

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R.I.P. B.B. King

I was fortunate enough to play with BB a couple of times. Once in Spain for a show called “Legends of the Guitar”, and once in Rome, Italy for a show that was broadcast all over Europe called “Legends of Rock”. BB was and will always be a legend…but he was also a true gentleman. He treated all of us in the band with the utmost respect and kindness…he was fun and funny, and it was such an honor to be on the same stage with him. Long live the King…

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Party time: White House Correspondents’ Jam – Chuck Leavell of the Rolling Stones and MNN welcomes journalist-musicians to a party in D.C.

What do you do when you know a bunch of journalists will be in town for the annual White House correspondents dinner? You throw a party, of course — but with a musical twist.

Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for the Rolling Stones, teamed up with his co-founder of MNN.com, Joel Babbit, to create a party for all those journalists with musical leanings. The result was The White House Correspondents’ Jam, which featured plenty of music, a couple of Pulitzer winners and a dose of celebrity for good measure.

Read more & see lots more pics here: http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/stories/party-time-white-house-correspondents-jam [...] Continue Reading…

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